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Welcome to Activities and Events Organising

We organise a whole load of activities and events for people of all ages.

For example, recreational tree climbing is a whole different way of climbing. Often referred to as technical tree climbing, it involves a harness and rope. Climbers are attached and on a rope at all times. Differently to free climbing, which many of us did as kids, this system enables us to climb bigger trees very safely. Many kids don’t get to climb trees anymore, so now grown-ups and children can climb together and have fun in a more safe way.

Recreational tree climbing remains still a young sport in Britain. It has enjoyed great success in places like Canada, USA and Japan.

We offer tree climbing to the public. There are only a few other organizations in the UK offering this activity.

We offer tree climbing to all ages, grown-ups and kids enjoy it just as much as each other. We offer tree climbing to one person alone or to small groups (1-24)such as parties, families, hen dos and stag dos or large groups (25-50) such as business events, camps, schools, universities and festivals. We will do events around the south west and the rest of Britain. We offer tree camping in hammocks for a unique experience not only climbing the tree but going to sleep in it too. See costs and tree camping links for more information. We have many sites where we can climb around the south west or if you have an apt tree we can come to you.

We offer many activities, including those for all the family.

3 days of discovery for the family in Yorkshire, a very beautiful and scenically varied area that is still undiscovered. A chance for you all to take part in a range of exciting activities set in a unique location leaving you refreshed and keen for more. Perfect for families with children eight years old and above.

Saturday - We will meet you at the hotel at 2.30pm. Talk over the programme with a cup of tea, followed by an initial walk to see the areas we will hike, climb and kayak during the days.

Sunday - Climb a hill from the north side and down to the stables at the head of the river. For those keen to stretch the legs more, follow the river’s east bank down to the bridge. As an alternative, take in the beauty of this fine trout fishing river and walk its banks from the ocean up to a lake at the foot of the hill before lunch and downstream to the bridge.

Monday - We climb and abseil in the am on a crag wall. The climbs appeal to all abilities. After midday, survival skills are learnt for the kids’ night of Survival. They will be taught how to construct different types of bivvi, start a fire, find wood and locate water.

Get in touch if you are interested in our activities.